Thursday, July 5, 2012

Primates gone wild

a) They live in a habitat that consist of tree living, also known as arboreal. These animals mainly live in trees and only go down once in a while for food.
b) The diet of the lemur is fruit, leaves, plant material, and sometimes insects. These animals have to eat off things that live in the rain forest.
c) I believe this diet shows that the animal has adapted to there way of life in trees because they eat small fruits and other things found in that habitat.
Spider Monkey
a) This animal living quarters consist in the tropical rainforest mainly from Mexico down to boliva and Brazil. They need lots of trees and water in their environment.
b) Their diet consist of 90% fruit and nuts, also some bugs and insects.
c) This shows that the animal has adapted to their environment because they eat mostly fruit and nuts, which is rich in those areas.
a) Baboons live in east africa and uganda, you can find them in tall trees near water or cliff faces.
b) Their diet consist of mostly grass, also berries, seeds, pods, blossoms, insects, and small quantities of meat, such as fish.
c) This shows they have adpated because they are starting to eat meat as fruits are more scares and they find a new source of food in their water source.
a) They are usually found in lowland dipterocap forest, also in rain forest.
b) Their diet consist of fruit, figs, small sweet fruit, insects, wasps, and bird eggs.
c) I think they adapted to their environment because they are eating sources of food that are not scare in these areas and maintain life.
a) Chimpanzees are found in rainforest and savannahs of Africa.
b) They eat a variety of meats and plants, they eat different types of food depending on their habitat.
c) The sentence above proves chimpanzees have adapted to their environment because their diet changes with the area they are in, if they are scare of fruit they will eat another animal!

I think that the environment has huge effects on an animals physical and behavioral traits. This blog shows that all these primates eat fruits and mostly plants to survive in their environments and almost all of them are in the same habitats. The environment plays a huge roll in everything any living organism does, they need to be strong to survive and without adaptation to that environment they will not survive.

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  1. Overall, good post, with just a couple of comments.

    I was looking for a more extensive descriptions on their specific environments. There are a lot more connections to make.

    Yes, there are many similarities in the environments and diets. The question is, when differences in diets exist, can they be explained by the environmental differences?

    Easy on the word "prove". We don't prove anything in science. We only support or falsify.

    Missing images?