Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Human Stress

1. Heat, an environmental stress, negatively impacts the survival of humans by disturbing homeostasis because if the heat gets to extreme it could change our core body temperature and ultimately kill us.

2. A short term adaption of heat is sweating. Humans sweat because it cools the body down when it is hot.
   A facultative adaption of heat is the body lowers core temperature. The human body tries to cool body by lowering temperatures.
  A development adaption of heat is people in areas where heat is more extreme they have blonde hair and also are usually skinner and slender.
  A Cultural adaption is that we built portable face misters that keep your body cool.

3. The benefit could be that it shows how we react in certain conditions and can see why our bodies are doing this. Yes, it would tell us what is going on and why our bodies are doing those things. One way to use info could be to predict that we need to make sure our bodies are protected in case it gets very cold or very hot.

4. You could use race to show how in that race they have this trait because it is needed to protect from heat for example. I think its better because the human race is all the same we need to look at traits because of environment not race.


  1. Good opening description and short term adaptation.

    For your facultative adaptation: "The human body tries to cool body by lowering temperatures."

    Well, that is what the body needs to do in order to maintain homeostasis, but HOW does the body do this for the facultative adapation? You don't identify that.

    I'll buy the skinnier/slender for the developmental adapation, but blonder? :-) Check out equatorial populations. What color is their hair?

    Your final paragraph is a little unclear in its conclusions. You can look in one particular race and see what that race has in common in terms of environmental adaptations (I believe you might be saying that) but why not just analyze from the perspective of the environment to begin with? Does race have any explanatory value at all?